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About me. This is my first post and I think it’s only fitting to fill you in on who I am and why I decided to start a blog. Well, first off all I’m Tatiana, but I’m sticking to my online alias which is all over the place as TatyGoRa (in Colombia we use two last names, so it’s short for Tatiana Gomez Ramirez). I’ve been an ESL teacher here in Colombia for over 13 years, although I got into it by accident (like most), I fell in love instantly with learning the language all over again by teaching it to others. After all these years of teaching I finally felt that I wanted a place to share my thoughts, experiences and continue learning by openly communicating with teachers from all over the world.

Now, here I am starting this blog and trying to play catch up with everything that’s out there on blogging in general and of course those specifically related to teaching English. There is so much out there and the idea is to share what I’ve come across and hopefully learn about tons more that I didn’t know about.

Why the FUNHOUSE? Teaching and learning can (and should) be fun. My view on teaching has always been that the more fun my students are having in the classroom, the more they will be engaged and in the correct mind frame to learn. So this FUNHOUSE is to compile my experiences, ideas and thoughts on how to make learning English fun, independent of the age of our students. I hope that it can help you get new ideas and that you can also share with us some of yours by commenting on the posts. Now this blog is not strictly for teachers, it’s also for students that want to continue improving their English skills and want to find out new strategies to learn the language.

So, welcome to TatyGoRa’s ESL FunHouse.


One thought on “ESL FunHouse

  1. Hi Taty, I just found your blog and started following it! great idea, and it seems we’re working on the same thing (as usual on similar tracks, lol) I would like to share with your community a blog created by EnglishNet, which is a project supported by many people to share the joy of learning and teaching English through technology. Here you will find links to the digital resources we are sharing with Antioquian Municipalities hoping we can make some noise and invite people to want to learn English in a fun and easy way. Take a look at it here:
    If there is anybody interested in getting passwords and access to some specific resources offered here, all they have to do is contact us and ask us, they’re all FREE!!
    And, speaking about links, we have also created an account at which is a service that enables users to collect and discover web content and share links. We have carefully collected 106 links so far related to English Learning, teaching and reading!! Visit it here: it’s also FREE and feel “free” to share it with whoever you want.
    I hope we can keep in touch and as always, I’m very interested in working with you to make a difference and innovate in ESL in our community.
    Cristina Hernandez

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