Bringing RPG to the classroom


We may not always know exactly how to keep our younger students engaged in our classes and may even face discipline and classroom management issues. I’ve found this interesting proposal that some students and teachers may find can be the solution to their issues. It turns your classroom into a role-playing game, where your students can create a player, earn points or lose them, gain new powers, work in teams and be able to transfer all of this into real life results.

I’m still just exploring everything you could do with this, but applying it to English Language Teaching, it may even help us to get our students to participate actively in an all-English platform that will actually help their language learning process along as well.

Their objective is not to change what you’re teaching. The content and lesson planning can remain the same, it’s how you teach that will get a boost. They state that it won’t affect or disrupt your class because it runs int he background, while you dedicate at most 5 minutes of your lesson to the game management. What I found especially interesting was that they gain real rewards as well, such as being able to eat in class or have more time on a task, or being able to ask a question during a test. At the end of the day, students to stay alive in the game have to participate actively, which means that in theory this will translate into engaged students.

Classcraft is worth taking a look at!



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