25 practical blogposts for the English teacher

Great list to take some time and sort through. Getting insight from other teachers is always great!

Reflecting English

Over the past few months I have read many blogposts from a wide range of bloggers. What follows are links to some of the (mainly) practical posts written by English teachers that have inspired me the most. Each post rings true to me as an ordinary classroom English teacher on a full timetable; each post contains ideas that, I think, cut to the core of English pedagogy and immediately translate to the everyday classroom.

I am accutely aware that there will be glaring omissions. I may have missed the post originally; I may have simply forgotten it. My apologies if this is so. I must warn you that I have also plugged some of my own posts too.

My original plan was to produce a document to share with my English department but I figured it was worthwhile adding to the blog too. At my school, we have identified a…

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