Week #2: Are you using 21st century skills in the classroom?

Last week’s results!

As part of this series of exploring 21st century skills, last week I asked:

What’s your take on using technology in the classroom?

So, most people voted for “I love using tech in and out of the classroom and include it in everything” and “I love using tech, but I try to keep a balance between lo-tech and hi-tech activities in the classroom”. Now, I wasn’t very surprised by the results, because I figured most teachers out there that are not very tech savvy would not be exploring my blog and answering polls, but at the same time, I saw something quite interesting. I think we all realize the importance of using tech in the today’s classroom, but most of us may struggle with which tech to use, how and when to use it and how much of it we should be using? My task this week will be to investigate these questions in depth during to see what other teachers are saying and what research is out there, so stay tuned for my next post to discover ¬†what I found out.

This week’s question

Continuing with understanding 21st century skills in the ELT classroom, here’s the next question:

Every week I’ll ask a new question to get a feel for where we stand in terms of using 21st century skills in the ELT classroom. Based on the responses I’ll write a post with different strategies to implement innovative and creative ways to apply these skills. The more responses the better because I’ll be able to make the post as specific to your questions and doubts about using 21st century skills in the classroom as possible.