Using corpora in the ELT classroom

Ever get stuck in trying to find example sentences for a word? Ever want to create your own worksheet, but ran out of examples? Ever want to see how a word is used in context (spoken or written)? Ever try using a Corpus for your class planning or language acquisition?

If you have and have any ideas share them here! If you haven’t and want ideas as to how to use a corpus, stay tuned for my next¬†article coming up next weekend.

What is a Corpus?
A corpus is a collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject. And as ELT professional we should start using it more often for class preparation, research and content creation!

“The freely searchable 450-million-word Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) is the largest corpus of American English currently available, and the only publicly available corpus of American English to contain a wide array of texts from a number of genres.” – Wikipedia

Give it a test drive and let us know your ideas!